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Providing specialized social media services tailored to clients' needs by managing key social media channels and collaborating with influencers and brands, taking into account the rapidly changing consumer trends.

SNS 채널 운영

Operation of Social Media Channels SNS 채널 운영

  • Manage social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, NAVER Blog and KakaoTalk Channel
  • Disseminate creative and inspirational messages across social media platforms
  • Generate diverse stories and content by utilizing visuals and crafting unique narratives
SNS 채널 이벤트

Social Media Events SNS 채널 이벤트

  • Host events through social media channels
  • Optimize the impact of social media channels through strategic partnerships
  • Inspire general consumers to explore travel destinations through the trusted voices and content of influencers
인플루언서와의 협업

Influencer/KOL Coop 인플루언서와의 협업

  • Generate maximum impact with influencer/Kol/content creator coop
  • Initiate and coordinate influencer FAM trips
  • Inspire destination travels via influencers’ trusted contents
웹사이트 관리

Website Development 웹사이트 관리

  • Content development, including website translation
  • Diverse strategic partnerships to enhance brand awareness, encompassing websites
  • Execute strategic online advertising, including SEO, to foster the growth of clients' businesses online