Travel Trade Marketing

여행업계 마케팅


주요 맴버들의 다년간의 관광청, 항공사, 호텔, 리테일 분야에서의
업무 경험에서 비롯된 여행업계의 전문적인 인사이트를 바탕으로 고객사의
니즈에 따라 여행업계 파트너들과 창의적이고 다양한 마케팅 협업을 진행합니다.

Based on the extensive professional experience of key members
in the tourism, airline, hotel, and retail sectors, AVIEW Korea conducts creative and diverse marketing collaborations with travel industry partners, addressing clients' specific needs by leveraging specialized insights into the travel industry.

항공 루트 개발

Route Development 항공 루트 개발

  • Develop new routes to destinations through collaboration with industry business partners
  • Cultivate strong relationships with travel trade partners, including airlines
지역 상품 개발

Product Development 지역 상품 개발

  • Initiate and diversify tour products in alignment with consumer trends
  • Collaborate with travel industry partners to expand and diversify tour products
여행업계 초청팸투어

Agent FAM Trips 여행업계 초청팸투어

  • Coordinate FAM trips for travel agencies
  • Introduce destinations through collaborations with the travel industry
박람회/전시회 코디네이션

Consumer/Travel Fairs 박람회/전시회 코디네이션

  • Manage and coordinate major consumer and travel fairs
  • Design and develop booths, orchestrating consumer events targeting both B2B and B2C markets
업계 대상 교육

Educational Seminars 업계 대상 교육

  • Specialized knowledge as an agency representing the client
  • Execute educational seminars in collaboration with travel industries nationwide.
세일즈 콜

Sales Calls 세일즈 콜

  • Conduct sales calls with key travel agents and airline partners
  • Coordinate sales calls in conjunction with client visit